Thrifty Tips

Snapchat-2111829058I’ve done my share of thrifting in my life, having been to every Goodwill in my city at least 100 times as well as smaller resale shops (which are the golden places, I might add). It is one of my favorite ways to shop because of the challenge it gives me. Sure I might not always walk out of the store with a few gems in my bag, but when I do…I remember why I do it.

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Music Festival Look

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Music Festival Look

With so many music festivals and concerts this summer, there is no better place to try out fun and a little out there trends you don’t quite feel comfortable testing on any regular day. It’s the perfect time to go a little extra on your look because I know for me, getting ready is half the fun. Take a look at my five tips for upgrading your festival looks this summer.

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